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Hipster Café

Ever wanted to design, build and manage a café on your very own home computer? Really? OK then… welcome to HIPSTER CAFÉ.

Use your trust fund to buy up some old warehouse building in the run down part of town then market it to the nouveau riche in a cynical attempt to drive up property prices. Can you successfully navigate the shifting waters of pop culture in order to market your eatery to the hippest demographic?

-Make stupid food, serve it on a skateboard, and impress your friends by drawing in your coffee.
-Is that a utility object or décor? Customise your space to keep it at the cutting edge of design.
-Fill your café with the latest greatest entertainments and distractions. You should probably put an axe throwing range in your café, that seems safe.
-Keep up to date on the latest trends on social media, send out a toot with the right hashtags before the Hot Take timer goes out.

Developed in the Loading Bar in the hipster centre of Dalston, London by a bunch of hairy people who work as ‘freelancers in media’, Hipster Café is a simulation game based on very real life experiences. In it, you must serve up a menu based on the latest trends, research more obscure coffees and entertain the Hipsters by building up a map of ridiculous furniture.

About useful slug

useful slug is a small indie studio run by Technical Director by Day / Game Developer by night Vegard Myklebust. Together with a rag tag team of freelancers convinced by charm or small scale bribery, they’ve cobbled together a game about life in a hipster café, while sitting on their laptops in Loading Bar in Dalston, in the heart of Hipster London.